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Initial payment (months)

    Electric zap icon Electric

    MG Motor UK ZS Electric

    115kW SE EV Long Range 73kWh 5dr Auto

    273 miles


    72.6 kWh

    Battery size

    42 mins

    Charging time

    156 bhp



    Insurance group

    470 litres

    Boot space

    Leasing this car includes.

    Manufacturers warranty

    In the event of an unexpected mechanical issue, you're all covered!

    Road tax

    That's right, all deals include road tax. No hassle. No fuss. No fees.

    Breakdown cover

    Just in case worst comes to worst. You'll never be left stranded.

    108 mph

    Top speed

    156 bhp


    8.4 secs


    72.6 kWh

    Battery size

    273 miles


    42 mins

    Charging time



    Front Wheel Drive


    Key features.

    • 17" Propeller alloy wheel aero cover
    • Satellite Navigation
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Auto air conditioning
    • Reverse parking aid
    • DAB+ radio
    • LED daytime running lights
    MG Motor UK ZS

    Packed with the latest tech and featuring a unique exterior, MG ZS represents the evolution of the brand’s compact SUV. Enjoy a 10.1” colour touchscreen featuring Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, plus satellite navigation in the top-of-the-range Exclusive Nav model.



    370 mi.



    273 mi.



    Standard and fast charging available

    Charging port location.

    Front Front.

    Charging port

    Front Front.

    Fast charging port


    72.6 kWh.

    Battery capacity

    68.3 kWh.

    Battery useable

    Charging times.

    Between 0 - 0

    Charge times.

    42 min

    Rapid charger (100kW)/(10-80%)

    1 hr 3 min

    Rapid charger (50kW)/(10-80%)

    10 hr 30 min

    Installed home charger (7kW)/(0-100%)

    34 hr 0 min

    Wall plug/3-pin plug (2.2kW)/(0-100%)

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    MG Motor UK ZS review.

    By Jonathan Crouch

    Ten second review.

    Looking for a compact family-sized full-electric model on the used car market with zero emissions and the rapid responses characteristic of today's EVs? Here's the most affordable option you could consider, the early 44.5kWh version of the MG ZS EV, which sold between 2019 and 2021. It's an SUV, it's sensibly priced and it's well equipped. If ultimate driving range capacity isn't a top priority and you're buying on a budget, you might rather like it.


    5dr SUV (EV)

    Design and Build.

    Some would number this car amongst the more stylish family sector EV models you can buy from the 2019-2021 period. At just over 4.3m in length, it's an SUV sized somewhere between the smaller Crossover class (think Renault Captur/Nissan Juke) and the larger family-sized Crossover segment (think Nissan Qashqai/Kia Sportage). In this original electric form, the ZS sports a revised 'star-rider' front grille to frame its brand's famous octagonal company logo. Open the cabin doors and you're greeted with a spacious interior, though one with material quality not quite the equal of what you'd find from more established brands. Still, MG tried hard here, with a range of 3D shapes, metallic and chrome finishes - and faux-leather upholstery on the top 'Exclusive'-spec model. With this model, it was clear that the Chinese bean counters were finally getting the idea that it doesn't do to try and make production cost savings in the cabin, an area so crucial to the day-to-day experience of automotive ownership. Hence, for example, the soft-touch coating for the upper dash top; the stylised 'jet'-style corner air vents; and the supple faux- leather that trims the steering wheel and gear knob. There's a decently large 8-inch centre-dash infotainment display too. Without exception, all of the EV models you can currently buy on the UK used car market for ZS EV money are considerably smaller than this MG, both inside and out. Careful packaging positioned the battery pack beneath the car, so that it doesn't impinge on either passenger or luggage space. With small crossovers, it's usually on the rear seat that you're reminded of their supermini origins. Not in this case. This car is slightly wider and longer than typical small SUVs and that really pays dividends here. In fact MG claimed that the kind of room on offer in the back of a ZS was much more comparable with the kind of space you'd get from a Qashqai-class family hatch-based SUV from the next class up - and there's some truth in that. The notably low centre transmission tunnel even means that you could theoretically seat three adults alongside each other back here - or at least you would be able to do that if this bench was better sculpted. As it is, the narrow centre seating position is really only suitable for children. The boot's 448-litre total capacity is exactly the same as you'd get in a combustion-engined ZS which, to give you some class perspective, is a figure around 60-litres higher than you'd get from most normal compact SUVs. Fold forward the 60:40-split rear bench and the capacity figure rises to 1,100-litres.

    Market and Model.

    Please contact us for an exact up-to-date valuation.

    Cost of Ownership.

    There aren't many major issues here, other than a few electrical and software issues; go thoroughly over all the powered and infotainment functions of the car you're looking at. Even if there were, all cars will obviously be covered by MG's warranty, a fully-transferrable 7 year/80,000 mile package. Otherwise, it's just the usual things; look out for stone chips and alloy wheel scratches. And insist on a fully stamped-up service history.


    MG parts prices are pretty affordable but you'll probably need to source them through an MG dealer. This being an EV, you'll save on a lot of the usual service items - you obviously won't need things like an oil filter and so on. And the brake pads will last a lot longer - possibly the life of the car.

    In case you missed anything.