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With increasing choice in the electric and hybrid car sector, how do you get the best lease deal? This is where LeaseLoco comes into its own. Not only do we compare thousands of electric and hybrid car lease deals, we also rank them out of 100 with our very smart Loco Score algorithm. This means you can see at-a-glance the best deals possible. Whether you are wanting to look at the hottest electric car lease deals or hybrid car lease deals, we're confident you'll find a great deal with us.

Electric vehicles have seen a massive boost in popularity in the last couple of years. With many models now available or coming soon, with new exciting features, and with an increasing availability of electric charging points, now is a great time to start leasing an electric or hybrid vehicle. In particular, with the UK Government announcing the end of the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, electric leasing is something more and more people are moving towards.

A variety of factors have influenced this growth:

  • Tighter regulations around diesel and petrol vehicles
  • An increase in the number of affordable, electric and hybrid vehicles to choose from
  • A general uptick in those looking for a more green driving option
  • The undeniable rise of the Tesla brand led by Elon Musk

Regardless of the ‘why’ - there's little doubt that there are now some excellent electric & hybrid cars available to lease. We have seen a range of manufacturer's with the best electric car lease deals seeing super-hot Loco Scores of over 99 including Hyundai, Lexus and Renault.

Whether you're looking for a city car to run around in like a Renault Zoe or a large SUV such as a Mercedes-Benz EQC, there are plenty of electric and hybrid car lease deals to choose from.

Looking for a van? Don't worry, we've got plenty electric and hybrid van lease deals available too!

If you're not looking for an hybrid or electric car lease deal, then check out our other car lease and van lease deals.

Electric vs Hybrid

Are you unsure of the differences between a BEV, HEV or a PHEV? Read on to understand the difference between the three types of electric and hybrid cars to make sure you are getting the right one for you.


Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

BEVs are fully electric vehicles that are solely powered by a battery pack and electric motor with the only fuel being used is electricity. This means that they produce zero CO2 emissions from the car. The concept of an electric car is similar to using your phone – you charge it with a cable and it runs on this charged battery! People are able to charge their electric car by either plugging it into a home charging unit or at one of the public charging stations that are becoming increasingly available.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs)

HEVs have both a battery pack and electric motor in addition to a gas engine to drive. They may not be as eco-friendly as BEVs, however they certainly produce less CO2 emissions than a petrol or diesel vehicle. These hybrids don't need to be charged as the battery can get its energy through regenerative braking, using the energy that would usually just be wasted when slowing a car down, to assist the gas engine of the vehicle. Most hybrids are great for city driving and can usually run solely on their electric power for a couple of miles.

CUPRA Formentor

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)

PHEVs combine a battery pack and electric motor with a petrol or diesel engine, allowing around 30 miles of driving using the electric battery plus hundreds more miles using the other engine. As you might guess from the name, this hybrid can be plugged into an electric charger to recharge, and can also be charged while moving through regenerative braking. It can be seen as a middle point between a hybrid and a fully electric vehicle! They have a larger battery than hybrid vehicles, meaning that then are able to travel around 30 miles before the gas engine will turn on compared to hybrids that will use their gas engine after 1 or 2 miles.

Benefits of Electric & Hybrid Leasing with LeaseLoco

Now that you have read about electric and hybrid leasing and all about the different types of green vehicles, you may be wondering why you should take out an electric or a hybrid car lease with LeaseLoco? Not only do LeaseLoco have the best electric car lease deals, but there are also a few great benefits! Read on to find out more.

Going green

With both hybrid and electric vehicles producing less CO2 emissions, they are significantly better for the environment. What better way to reduce your carbon footprint is there then to treat yourself with an electric car lease for a brand new car or van with LeaseLoco?

Tax incentives & benefits

The Government have introduced various incentives to encourage people going green with their vehicles and making this change more affordable. These incentives include the plug-in car grant, the home wall box installation grant, the workplace charging scheme, lower BiK taxes, road tax savings and many more! Several hybrid vehicles will still need to pay road tax, however you don't need to worry about that as road tax is included in every lease deal we offer.

Cost benefits

Leasing tends to be the cheapest way to get yourself a brand new car, meaning that while green vehicles are typically more expensive to buy, you will have fixed monthly payments with the best prices on the market. Not only that, but green vehicles tend to be much cheaper to run than petrol and diesel vehicles, keeping your costs down in the long run.


What's more, servicing and maintenance of electric cars will be significantly cheaper compared to petrol and diesel cars. There are a lot less parts making up an electric car – so a lot less to go wrong!

FAQs About Hybrid & Electric Car Leasing

Despite the ever-increasing popularity of electric cars, here at LeaseLoco we receive a number of queries about what going electric actually means. Here we answer the major questions!

Leasing an electric car

Running an electric car

Electric car general information

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