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    Electric zap icon Electric

    Volkswagen e-up!

    60kW E-Up 32kWh 5dr Auto

    160.9 miles


    36.8 kWh

    Battery size

    60 mins

    Charging time

    82 bhp



    Insurance group

    --- litres

    Boot space

    Leasing this car includes.

    Manufacturers warranty

    In the event of an unexpected mechanical issue, you're all covered!

    Road tax

    That's right, all deals include road tax. No hassle. No fuss. No fees.

    Breakdown cover

    Just in case worst comes to worst. You'll never be left stranded.

    81 mph

    Top speed

    82 bhp


    11.9 secs


    36.8 kWh

    Battery size

    160.9 miles


    60 mins

    Charging time



    Front Wheel Drive


    Key features.

    • 15" Tezzle alloy wheels with anti theft wheel bolts
    • Smartphone interface navigation system
    • Winter pack - Up
    • Composition colour system with 5" screen, DAB, AUX in socket, SD card, MP3/WMA/AAC, 4 X 20W, bluetooth, audio connection and USB connectivity
    • 2 zone electronic climate control with allergen filter
    • Light and sight pack - Up
    • Multifunction leather trimmed three-spoke steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake grip
    Volkswagen up!

    Easy to drive and manoeuvre, the e-up! is also a sheer pleasure to spend time in. Enjoy trendy and stylish good looks with the smallest car in Volkswagen’s line-up – and in full electric guise. The only way is up.



    160.9 mi.


    160.9 mi.


    160.9 mi.



    Standard charging available

    Charging port location.


    36.8 kWh.

    Battery capacity

    Charging times.

    Between 0 - 0

    Charge times.

    60 min

    Rapid charger (40kW)/(0-80%)

    5 hr 27 min

    Installed home charger (7kW)/(0-100%)

    16 hr 12 min

    Wall plug/3-pin plug (2.3kW)/(0-100%)

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    Volkswagen up! review.

    By Jonathan Crouch

    Ten second review.

    The Volkswagen e-up! is an electric version of the popular up! city car with a now-longer WLTP-rated range of up to 159 miles in its final form. In this later guise, it was a strong package, but after a glance at the used market asking prices, you might wonder how it can justify itself on the balance sheet against a more conventional petrol-powered up! That's what we're here to find out.



    Design and Build.

    Externally, the e-up! can be identified by badges on the front wings and boot lid, as well as by distinctive C-shaped LED daytime running lights, and, on post '19-plate models, by 15-inch 'Tezzle' alloy wheels. But these are details. Essentially, aside from the lack of tail pipes, the e-Up (only offered with five doors) is hard to identify from its petrol counterparts without looking for the badging. There are no obvious giveaways to this car's all-electric status once you get behind the wheel. There's a proper ignition slot rather than a start button and even the large analogue fuel gauge looks endearingly conventional. As usual with an up!, the interior feels a slight cut above other city cars in terms of quality. As for connectivity, well as in other up models, you get a smartphone docking attachment that sits above the climate controls and can accommodate handsets with screen sizes of up to 5.5-inches. If you don't want to faff around with your 'phone, the car itself provides this little 5.0-inch 'Composition Colour' touchscreen below the climate controls, which has shortcut buttons for 'radio', 'media' and 'phone' and can display the smallest reversing camera display we've ever seen. What about the rear seat? Well given the dinky exterior dimensions, it's a lot more spacious than you might expect in the back but there are a couple of irritations: first that you don't get proper side windows - just glass panes you can angle out for extra ventilation. Secondly, there's no opportunity to take a third centrally-seated passenger, as you might want to if, say, you were transporting three small children. On the plus side, the up!'s boxy dimensions mean that the roof doesn't taper towards the rear, so there's as much headroom in the back as there is in the front. And out back? Well because there's only an opening glass panel, you've a high lip to lift luggage over, but the boot you'll access is certainly very decently sized for a car of this class, its 251-litre capacity figure being the same as that of the petrol up! variants - which means it's a tad bigger than is typical in this class. The 923-litre capacity with the seats folded is marginally down on the petrol model due in part to the higher floor height.

    Market and Model.

    Please contact us for an exact up-to-date valuation.

    Cost of Ownership.

    Most up! owners we surveyed were very happy with their cars, but inevitably, there were a few issues. The e-Up seems to be a decently reliable car, but it does suffer from issues such as lowered range in the winter (up to 50 miles). Plus issues with the airbags, and certain infotainment issues. The VW up! range as a whole was subjected to a recall due to faulty programming on the side airbags and the e-up! was also part of this recall. Make sure the e-Up you are looking at has had these issues resolved. We've also heard reports that the infotainment system is known to sometimes turn off, become completely inoperable, or be slow to respond. One owner found that water drainage under windscreen when blocked, emptied into the car interior via the heater! Another complained of a leaking windscreen seal, a paint mismatch with the fuel filler cap and rattles from the driver and passenger door lock area. We also came across reports of the rear brakes squealing during braking.


    (approx based on a 2020 e-up!) The brake discs we came across sat in the £46 bracket. Front brake pads are in the £21 to £38 bracket for a set but for pricier brands, you could pay in the £92 bracket. A front fog lamp is in the £47-£53 bracket. A rear lamp is around £76-£106 bracket. A headlamp is around £86-£106. A pollen filter is around £10-£16.

    In case you missed anything.