Can your car help protect you from COVID-19!?

  • By Michaela Crawford
  • 2 min read

In the COVID-19 era there's an increasing trend for car companies using new technologies with health benefiting features. LeaseLoco takes a look at the health conscious car.

A car in the middle of the road.

Developing a Health Conscious Car

Never in my life would I have thought that I could be sitting in my car and somehow be getting healthier? It’s no lie that the aftermath of (and sadly still present) COVID-19, has created a world of paranoid and health conscious consumers. I know because my mum is definitely one of them...

With people spending considerable time in their cars, it is now becoming an increasing trend for companies to use new technologies and introduce health benefitting features.There has been a rise in smart seats with muscle therapy, heating and massage abilities (who wouldn’t want that?!). Cars also have developed location services that can warn for allergies in the making and biosensors that monitor blood pressure, heart rate and glucose levels.

Car brands producing health innovations

Ford have launched a new micronAir proTect filter that can be installed into cars that experts state could stop deadly coronavirus germs getting into the car with a 99.9% rate of being effective. That’s a game changer! This is now available for many of their models including the Focus, Kuga, SMAX, Galaxy, Fiesta and more. At LeaseLoco, you can lease a Ford Fiesta for as little as £177 a month, while somehow protecting yourself from the virus?!

Ford's air filter infograph

And they’re not the only ones! Jaguar Land Rover have also developed ultra violet ray technology to kill germs coming into a car. The Tesla Model X cars have a ‘Bioweapon Defence Mode’ claimed to protect people inside the car from a military grade bio attack.

I do think surviving a military attack seems a bit dramatic, but it sure is resonating with me in these times of COVID-19. Geely, the Chinese automotive company also launched air-purification systems, but what is really interesting is their developments with self-cleaning materials for heavily used touchpoints like door handles and buttons. That could be a massive thing for car-sharing to invest in to stop the spread of the virus! I know I would feel reassured getting into an Uber knowing the door handle had been cleaned.

While health and wellbeing features in cars have been perceived as a niche offering, it is definitely on its way to being a mainstream trend with more advances in technology arising.

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