Car leasing — just like a mobile phone contract

  • By John Wilmot
  • 2 min read

Ok, a relatively expensive mobile phone contract but hear me out.

An illustration of a car, a contract and a mobile phone.

Ok, a relatively expensive mobile phone contract but hear me out.

Mobile phone cycles are driven by the launch of new models. For a while now, we’ve seen Apple launch the new iPhone every September. New model, followed by the ‘S’ upgrade a year later. Mobile phone contracts are structured so the cost of the phone is spread over the contract term – typically 2 years. So every 2 years, you’re due a nice shiny new model – exciting, isn’t it ??

2 year car lease deals are exactly the same. Every 2 years you’re getting the latest car, the latest technology, the most efficient engines on sale, running a car always under warranty with breakdown cover. That newness, smell, freshness. Every 2 years. It’s a lovely experience.

On LeaseLoco you can search 2, 3 and 4 year deals. I can often hear the old fashioned thinking voice of my Dad, ‘go for a 3 year deal and it will be cheaper’. It’s simply not the case. It’s the common basis for leasing models, sure, but flash deals on 2 year leases come on all the time and offer substantially better value than 3 and 4 year deals. And LeaseLoCo highlights these everyday with the good ones shooting to the top of the ranks on the site so you see them.

So sign me up for that fresh new car smell every two years. I’m in.

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