Contract mileage is a bit like buying milk.

  • By John Wilmot
  • 1 min read

Do you buy two 1 litre cartons or one 2 litre carton?

A graphic of a trolley full of milk bottles.

Do you buy two 1 litre cartons or one 2 litre carton?

Ultimately the price per litre will determine the best deal. And deciding on contract mileage is no different.

I was looking at deals on an Audi S5 recently — the dealer was basing it on 10k miles per annum. I thought ‘I’ll just check 8k miles per annum’, as if I do 18k miles over two years, it means I’m only paying for those miles, rather than pre-paying for the 20k miles.

The quote came back — 10p less a month for reducing the mileage to 8k. Yes, 10p. Crazy. So just like the way you buy milk, I went for the 10k miles per annum, reducing my price per litre. Sorry, mile.

Don’t always assume that taking a higher mileage contract will be proportionately more expensive. Even if I wasn’t going to do 20k miles, for an extra £2.40 for 4k miles, it would be worth taking.

Be smart, get quotes on different mileages and work out what’s best for you.

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