How to lease a Tesla Model 3 Performance for a lot less than you may think

By: John Wilmot
8th October 2019

A Tesla Model 3

It’s no secret, Tesla is a highly sought after brand and with that comes an expensive price tag, right? Wrong! Here’s why…

With the ever increasing clamp down on diesels, demand for electric vehicles is rapidly on the rise, so we thought we’d show you just how affordable a Tesla could be when doing a business lease as opposed to a personal lease.

John, our CEO and Chartered Accountant, explains all in this handy video.

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Here, he talks you through the figures and explains exactly how, due to tax breaks from 6 April next year, you can lease a Tesla Model 3 Performance for an effective monthly cost of just £315 (no, that’s not a typo ??).

It is worth pointing out however, that every company / person will have a different set of circumstances, so you’re best to check with your accountant first to make sure you’re getting the best deal for both you and your company.

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