How to win on your contract mileage

By: John Wilmot
20th March 2018

A graphic of a car driving towards a finish line

My wife’s leased Touareg arrived in December 2016 on a 10k per annum contract. At the time, I thought that would be more than enough and with the mileage penalty of 10.8p per mile, I wasn’t too concerned about any excess charges.

Roll on 15 months and she is sitting at 23,000 miles.

Twenty. Three. Thousand. Miles.

How is that even possible, Olivia? ??

Anyway, clearly I was ‘miles out’ on my original mileage estimate for what I thought she would cover.

The good news is, I found out a smart trick through this process…

Rather than letting the contract run to the end, you can call your lease company (in this case VW Financial Services) and they will re-quote on a new forecast mileage. They came back with a quote of 8.2p per mile, increasing the total contract mileage from 20k to 30k, saving £260. Not only that, with 8 payments left to go, they’ll spread the cost to avoid a final bill on handing the car back.

So the reality of going wildly over your contract mileage? The lease provider going out of their way to make it cheaper, less hassle and overall a pain free experience.