Taking delivery of your lease car

By: John Wilmot
20th May 2018

A graphic of a van delivering a car

You’ve found a great deal, you’ve filled out the paperwork and you’re waiting for your car. What next?

This is a process that is extremely painless.

Your broker will likely keep you updated on the build timeline of your car and as it’s being shipped, arrange delivery. This can be to just about anywhere you want, whatever’s convenient.

The car will arrive on a trailer, with the usual delivery mileage that you would expect when getting the car from a main dealer. In fact, chances are it did come from a main dealer and was prepared for sale just as it would have been if you collected it from them in person.

Car rolls off the trailer. Sign the docs. Drive.

It’s that easy.

Of course, if you still want to deal with someone face to face, go into your local dealer and ask them what leasing options they have on the car you want. I did this for my current Audi, got it from Glasgow Audi, got the best deal in the market and the car was waiting in the handover bay, just as if I was buying it…only I know I’m saving £££s.