When should you lease?

By: John Wilmot
17th January 2018

A graph showing a price over a period of time

I’m often asked, ‘when is the best time to lease a car?’ Leaseloco shows the daily historical price of every model and we show this on a graph just like a stock market. Before founding Leaseloco I sample tested the market. The inner geek in me had me constantly reviewing deals on a wide range of cars so it was obvious to me that the cost of each lease fluctuated.

My own lease was coming up for renewal and I had an Audi S3 in mind. I had seen it for £265 a month on 9 + 23, 10k p.a. It was sitting around £330 for the same car as I was approaching my renewal order time. That’s over £2k extra on the lease term! It was still a good deal but I couldn’t bring myself to order the car knowing that I was overpaying and would likely see the price drop again later in the year.

But it also works both ways, I ended up going for an Audi S5 on a deal that I knew was the cheapest it’s ever been. That market knowledge helped me to pull the trigger with more confidence.

It got me thinking — how do YOU know a deal is really a good deal when you’re not looking at the market all the time. £330 for the S3 was still pretty good, sure. But it’s not as good as you could get.

Now with Leaseloco, your appraisal of your decision to lease is simply enhanced — like having your own inner car leasing geek on tap for whenever you need it.

We’re getting ready for our launch so to hear more, sign up at www.leaseloco.com.