Ethical Code of Conduct

A market first, we have developed an Ethical Code of Conduct that all our advertisers have signed up to. So you can be confident that we are setting the highest standards in the industry for

  • Honesty,
  • Transparency, and
  • Trust

Our Ethical Code is as follows:

We have designed this Code of Conduct to ensure LeaseLoco is the market leader for Treating Clients Fairly under the Financial Conduct Authority Regulations. This ultimately drives how LeaseLoco and our clients conduct ourselves, both to each other, and to our users; your clients.

This code sets out to govern the nature of your conduct on the LeaseLoco platform, in terms of both your presence on the platform and how you engage and communicate with our users, which we refer onto you.

The following information details five key sections, which you are required to sign up to, and adhere to, in order to be part of the LeaseLoco platform.

1. Deal Feeds

1.1You commit to keeping your deal feed up to date. You must ensure that you data feed provided to LeaseLoco for advertising, is maintained and updated in a fashion that ensures the LeaseLoco platform is not advertising deals for your company, which you know, or should have known, to be out of date.

When a deal expires, you must remove it from the LeaseLoco platform as soon as you become aware that you are no longer able to honour the advertised price. Deals can be removed immediately through your LeaseLoco Client Admin.

1.2You commit to ensuring that any data provided is accurate and free from all known errors. We acknowledge that you have a certain reliance on accuracy of data from 3rd parties; and where it becomes known that there is an error or inaccuracy, the deal(s) should be removed in line with 1.1.

1.3You will never knowingly advertise a price that you know cannot be honoured.

1.4You will only advertise deals that also appear on your own website with the exception of pre-arranged, exclusive deals that you will advertise solely on the LeaseLoco platform, along with your own website.

1.5When advertising stock cars, as soon as you know the stock is sold out, or you are unable to source the advertised car, you commit to removing the deal from the LeaseLoco platform on the same business day.

2. Hidden/Additional Charges

2.1Deals advertised on LeaseLoco must be a complete representation of the total cost to lease the advertised car over the term. This means for ‘In Stock’ deals, you agree to never advertise base spec cars that you do not have access to, only to try to up sell to a higher spec, with a higher lease price.

2.2Where an advertised deal has a cashback element, you must ensure that this is disclosed on the deal feed so it can be represented properly on the LeaseLoco platform.

2.3You commit to disclosing on your deal feed, any Personal Contract Hire deals, which require the leaseee to either be a company director or be part of a company car scheme – sometimes referred to as “PCH opt out”. Where you do not have the ability to include this on your deal feed, the deal(s) must not be advertised on the LeaseLoco platform.

3. Deceitful Sales Tactics

3.1You agree to never engage in deceitful sales tactics in relation to LeaseLoco users referred to you. Deceitful tactics include, but are not limited to:

  • Advertising a deal with a solid paint price in the knowledge that there is only metallic paint available.
  • Advertising a deal marked as In Stock when the only available vehicles are for Factory Order.

3.2You commit to never knowingly mislead a customer through a finance proposal by processing an order that cannot be honoured, in order to benefit from any financial gains as a result.

4. Response Times

4.1You will respond to all LeaseLoco enquiries in a timely manner. Expectations regarding quality of service to LeaseLoco users is that you will respond to all initial message enquiries within 8 business hours of receiving the enquiry. Response times greater than 16 business hours for an enquiry received through LeaseLoco are unsatisfactory.

5. Responsibilites

5.1You agree to ensure that when an error occurs with an advertised deal, where LeaseLoco is not at fault, you will assume responsibility for this error and will not blame LeaseLoco.

How we will enforce our code of conduct

Every message enquiry that is made through the LeaseLoco platform receives an automatic survey request from us.

These surveys ask the following questions in relation to your adherence of the ethical code:

  1. How long did it take the leasing company to make initial contact after submitting your enquiry?
  2. How would you rate the leasing company based on your overall enquiry experience?
  3. Is there anything else that you would like to share with us about your recent lease enquiry?
  4. Was our advertising partner able to offer you the same price and leasing terms, which you originally enquired on? If no, what was the reason given for not being able to honour the advertised price?

Issues arising from these surveys will be investigated by LeaseLoco to try and ascertain the facts of any criticisms made.

LeaseLoco will maintain a log of negative survey comments.

Consistent non-adherence to this Code of Conduct will result in your presence being removed from the platform without notice. All other contractual terms remain unaffected and you will be charged for any outstanding enquiries at your point of termination from the platform.