Can I exit a lease deal early?

Today's question is, can I exit my lease deal early? The answer is yes, and it's not nearly as scary as people think it is.

Now, of course, there will be an early exit penalty fee. But if you're gonna do it, make sure you ring up early with your funder to find out what that early settlement charge will be.

Yeah, actually, a really good tip here is that if you're coming to the end of your contract and you know you're gonna have to replace the tyres, you're gonna have to pay for a service. It actually makes financially more sense to buy yourself out of the contract than have to pay for all of that and not get any use from them.

That's right. Great tip there. You hand the car back early. Pay the penalty charge because what's the point of having a service, paying for four new tyres and not gonna get the benefit of it, are you? So there you go.