Can you amend the mileage?

A question I always get asked, can I amend my mileage partway through my contract?

Yes. Go on. Wow, what on earth? What you doing? You know, I just thought I'd appeal to a different audience. If anything should be in Scotland, we're in the Scottish Highlands. We're in Glasgow. I know, it's a nice area. Yeah, maybe I should have done a Scottish accent, I'm not very good at that though... I thought you was alright.

Back to the question, we're talking about contract mileage. So when you normally start off, there be your choice of perhaps ten thousand, and the difference from ten thousand to twelve thousand is a different price. And there will be a penalty if you go over your chosen contract mileage.

That's true. And so, for example, our mate John originally his contract, it was 10.8p per mile. He had his contract amended and it went down to 7.8p per mile so that was a saving of £360. Nice. But he's more my mate John. Really? Anyway, But yeah, he did make a saving. Now, we'll leave that for him to decide. Now even though that was our friend John's story, you could easily make this your own. Just remember to pick up the phone, call your leasing company to amend your contract mileage.