Do all lease deals have a huge initial rental?

Now, today's question we're talking about is do all lease deals result in a huge initial payment that I'm just going to lose? Well, simple answer is no, you don't necessarily have to pay a huge initial upfront fee.

Now the leasing market talks about a number of months that you're gonna pay as initial payment. That's right. So, for example, if a deal is advertised as a nine plus twenty three and has two hundred pounds monthly payments then that means that the initial deposit will be eighteen hundred pounds, nine times two hundred pounds, and then twenty three monthly payments of two hundred pounds.

Very good, and the best thing here, is here at LeaseLoco we have many deals where your initial payment you pay up front is the same as your monthly rental. So you don't have to be worried about a scary initial deposit.

So if you can't find a one month initial rental deal, but you found a really great deal, then we just suggest enquire with the advertiser and most likely they'll be able to meet your low initial rental requirements.

That's right and more often than not, it actually cost you no more to pay less up front, and on LeaseLoco, our main comparison criteria is actually the average monthly costs, so this takes into account the broker fees and the leasing deal fee. Nice.