Should you always lease your car?

A question that is a really good question, should I always be leasing a car?

You got me thinking we could be biased, but we are no biased. Any deal you find here at LeaseLoco, want you to do, is have a look at a PCP deal. Compare it to find out which one's cheaper.

And actually, more often than not, leasing deals are cheaper and when they are cheaper the savings can be huge.

Take, for example, a great deal we had here. With a BMW 420d M Sport coupe, it's a mouthful, isn't it? With auto and professional media. So this car had initial upfront payment £1336 and a monthly payment of £345.83 for three years with ten thousand miles. Nice.

This car was priced just under £41k. So guess how much the PCP deal was advertised on the BMW website? With, by the way, a low 4.9% APR and a £3100 initial deposit contribution.

It's the same upfront payment, then £659.85 per month after that. This deal on PCP is £314.15 more a month.

Well, in total, that's about £3769.80 saving a year. That's a lot of money. That could buy you a nice kitchen, a nice holiday, a nice new Chanel handbag. I don't know, waht would you spend it on?

Bathroom, I think. Okay, I remember this over three years. So in total you are saving £11k.

Now, this car ranks as a 90 on our Loco Score meter... Locometer... but believe it or not, they're are even better deals out there.

That's right. But actually, when is it not a good idea to lease a car? When is it not cheaper?

Well, For example, we have a Mercedes S65 cabriolet, super expensive car, £200k with an upfront initial payment for leasing of £15,500. I will happily say that this is not a good deal. So there are definitely deals out there, which just aren't worth leasing.