What does it mean if the car is in stock?

So a really great question is, what does it mean if a car is listed as being in stock? In stock means the car is physically been built and it's available pretty quickly.

Yes, so usually by the time the paperwork is completed and the car is being transported, have your nice, shiny new vehicle in two to three weeks.

Now, because the car has been physically built, it's in stock, you can choose a variety of colours and the spec you want you may not necessarily get because the car's been built, as I said, and has a pre selected range of features.

Another really important point is just because the cars in stock doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be cheaper, as the leasing deals are often determined by the buyer pre ordering the cars.

So a factory deal three months down the line may actually be cheaper so it might be worth holding on, but LeaseLoco will explain all of this on the website so you don't worry. Nice.

Here's a tip, though. If the car is in stock, it might be pre registered. If you're going for a three year lease and it's got three year warranty. The last few weeks might be out of warranty. Something to consider if you are going for a three year lease. But ultimately, pre registered cars are cheaper, so it shouldn't be too much of a concern, so there you go in stock cars explained.

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