What's the Difference Between Personal & Business Car Lease?

So a question we get asked a lot is what is the difference between a personal and a business contract hire?

It is pretty obvious to me, Alex. Now, I'm going to answer this question. A personal one is going to be in your own name and a business one is going to be in your company's name. Now, remember, the credit profile of each one is gonna be important as this will ease the leasing process.

Yes, that's correct. And it's very important to check your credit score because if you have a bad credit rating, or even if you are a new company, this may affect your lease application from getting accepted. But do not fear, here at LeaseLoco, it's straightforward and simple, and you guys can make an enquiry. Get in contact with us and I'm pretty sure Al will get back to you... Get on the phone... that's right.