Referrals - Terms and Conditions

Your Amazon Voucher will be emailed to you once your referred friend has successfully claimed their Amazon Voucher Reward for leasing a car through LeaseLoco.

You can refer as many people as you like.

You will only be eligible for one Amazon Reward Voucher for each referral.

If you refer someone who has already been referred by another user, you will not be eligible for an Amazon Reward Voucher.

Your friend must sign up using your referral link in order for us to track the sign up and assign it against you.

The LeaseLoco referral bonus amount may increase or decrease at any time. When the referral bonus amount has changed, you will be eligible to receive the amount that was advertised on the site at the time your friend signed up from your link, which may be different to the amount offered when you sent the link to your friend or when the bonus was applied to your account.

Reward vouchers will only be paid to users who have leased at least one car through LeaseLoco, and claimed a reward for leasing their car. This will activate all pending or future rewards due to you. Therefore, you can accumulate rewards but they will not be paid until we have confirmed that you have leased a car through LeaseLoco. Accumulated rewards will appear in your rewards history.