What's the Loco Score?

Today we're gonna be talking about what is a Loco Score? The Loco Score you can see on every single deal on our website. It's a revometer. The revometer is ranked from zero to one hundred.

That is right. And so this Locometer, is it basically it ranks all the deals. Zero being pretty rubbish, definitely want to get that one a miss to one hundred being the hottest deals out there. This score is based on objective markets indicators. So you know, it's a pretty comprehensive representation of how good your deal really is.

Nice, and another cool thing about the Loco Score. You could use it as a filter if you don't want to search via price. Not too bad.

Yeah, you search via the locometer score and obviously the best cars are gonna have the best Loco Score being one hundred and obviously the worst ones last.

And as we have the most powerful filters in the market, you can find the hottest deals nice and easy for you. Happy hunting.